My Interview with 'Gangsters Vs. Nazis' Author on How the Jewish Mob Dealt With American FascistsListen now (21 min) | Michael Benson discusses how Jewish leaders asked the mafia to take care of US Nazis when nobody else cared that they were…
Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor chose to forgive the Nazis. And that went too far for many Jews. But who are we to tell them how to move on with their…
A longtime Palestinian activist is running for Congress in Michigan. Somebody had to report this news.
Why is it so important for many Jews to feel included in the agenda of self-avowed 'anti-racists?'
To all those who suffered and were murdered in the Shoah, may their memories be a blessing.
Our Torah, Our Culture, Our Traditions Can See Us Through These Hard Times
Interview With Israeli Journalist Ben-Dror Yemini On How To Fight Media Bias And Information GapListen now (18 min) | The problem isn't only the lies, but the willingness of American Jews to believe them.
Shahrzad Elghanayan was only seven when her grandfather was murdered in the 1979 Iranian revolution. She remembers him in a biography.
When They Start Talking About 'Anti-Zionism,' Natan Sharansky Knows What They Really MeanListen now (24 min) | Listen to my interview with the former Soviet refusenik on how to spot antisemitism. Also, fixing the sometimes fraught…
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